OKP Scholarships for MSc Programmes starting in October 2021

As an alumnus/a, you might have been fortunate to benefit from a scholarship from the Dutch government to support your studies at IHE Delft. The scholarship programme was known for many years as the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) and it is now called the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP).

Up until this moment, it was uncertain whether IHE Delft’s MSc Programmes starting in October 2021 were eligible for OKP Scholarships, as the programmes exceed the end of the current OKP period which started in 2018 ends in 2022. Fortunately however, we are expected to reach an agreement, enabling us to nominate applicants for OKP scholarships for our MSc Programmes.

In short:

·         The Delft based MSc programmes and the joint programme in Limnology and Wetland Management start in October 2021

·         Viet Nam is on the list of countries whose citizens may be eligible to receive an OKP scholarship for MSc Programmes

·         IHE Delft deadline for application for academic admission in relation to OKP MSc scholarships is 23 February 2021

·         IHE Delft will score applicants on the basis of academic and professional background, motivation and availability of co-funding. Those with the highest score will be nominated by IHE Delft for an OKP scholarship. Nomination will greatly improve the chances of being selected to receive the scholarship.

·         For more information visit: un-ihe.org/orange-knowledge-programme

·         Download the Education and Training Guide 2021 here: un-ihe.org/education-and-training

By means of this email, we would like to invite you to forward this information to colleagues and other contacts who may be interested and eligible to apply.

Furthermore, we are asking you to help us identify those organizations in Viet Nam which may have the financial means for co-funding the OKP grantee. If you are willing to participate please fill out this short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WSC85NK