Thông tin học bổng Thạc sỹ Trường Đại học Hà Hải, Trung Quốc

Xin thông báo thông tin học bổng của Trường Đại học Hà Hải. Do thời gian gấp (trước 10.6.2018) các thầy cô, cán bộ, giảng viên, cựu sinh viên trong Trường có nhu cầu đi học Thạc sỹ thật sự, nộp Hồ sơ, để Trường có thể có sự lựa chọn thêm.

Thông tin chi tiết xem bên dưới và tại đây:

Now you're required to fulfill both of the following online applications:

1. CSC online:, Agency number 10294, Type:B.

2. Hohai online: self-funding( the scholarship type will be modified by us so no worry about this)

Your diploma and transcripts have to be in English. Those who're going to graduate are required to submit a proof to be graduated by 2018 summer.

Attached is the template of Health report. You're suggested to follow the examinations listed there.

The documents required include:

1. The copy of your passport;

2. The copy of your diploma and degree( notarized version if it's not in English). Those to be graduated are expected to provide proof of graduation;

3. Your transcripts (original or notarize version if it's not in English);

4. Your English language certificate if there's any;

5. Your study plan, including personal experience, the professional background and research plan, 400-800 words;

6. 1-2 recommendation letters

7. Healthy report. 

If you don't have any Chinese visa you can upload your passport page again instead.

Please fulfill before Jun.8th , 2018 and send to this email you application number in the 2 systems. After that, we will invite professors to check your qualifications there. An interview may be needed if necessary. We will inform you later of the final decision. The whole procedures are expected to be done by the middle of Jun, 2018.

I thank you very much for the cooperation and wish you luck there!